Village HopeCore is having an exciting 15th year!

The medical program recently provided clean drinking water for 181 schools and 45,000 students, provided mosquito nets for malaria prevention for school children and their families and is now setting up a child/maternal health care clinic to support schools in the Chogoria district. READ MORE

Kenya Kids


Village Hopecore International Wins Worldwide Recognition For New Maternal And Under-5 Health And Education Clinics

In November 2014 HopeCore accepted an online challenge conducted by aimed at generating creative, innovative, and collaborative solutions to the world's problems. The challenge was, "How might parents in low-income communities ensure children thrive in their first five years?" READ MORE

Maternal Health


Village HopeCore International (HopeCore) is pleased to announce that in 2015 up to
4,781 primary school students were equipped with long-lasting insecticide treated nets.

The net were distributed across 516 villages on the slopes of Mt. Kenya. By giving nets to only the ECD class in each school, HopeCore is able to reach more schools and villages as compared to giving nets to the whole school. The ECD class is a more vulnerable age, making the impact greater. READ MORE



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